Monday, December 5, 2011

Textbook Page 214

In Math today I was tol to do the blog and in th textbook number 8.

The question was:
8) Write each addition statement shown by the diagrams. Then add. Write you answer in lowest term.

the diagram showed 2/4 + 1/4=3/4
Now make it in the lowest term theres is known because thats as low as you can go!

the diagram showed 5/8 + 1/8= 6/8
the lowest term is: 3/4 you divide by 2

the diagram showed 4/10+3/10=7/10
the lowest term is: there is known because it won't equal a whole number!

thats the answer to number 8 it te textbook.


  1. Good job, Kiara! Just add some pictures and some colors, so it would be less dull.

  2. Good Job!I agree with Mae. Just add a picture, video,or even a link and some colour. But other than that good job, keep it up Kiara.