Sunday, May 6, 2012

Geometry-April30,2012 notes

  • Parallel lines- lines in the same plane that never cross or intersect
  • Intersecting- lines in the same plane that meet or cross
  • Perpendicular-lines in the same plane that intersect at 90degree angle
  • Line segment- piece of a line with starting a end point

May2,2012 notes

Angle Bisector- a line that divides an angle into 2 equal pars
                       -equal angle are worked with the same symbol

1. compass point at angle vertex, make an arc through both arms
2. compass point at vertex of 1st arc and one arm make another arc
3. repeat step 2 on other arm
4.draw line from arc intersection to angle vertex

May1,2012 notes

Bisect- is to cut in 2 equal parts
Perpendicular bisector-a line that divides another like segment in half and meets at right angles
1. open compass to just over half way of the line
2. share point at point a make an arc
3.share point at point b make an arc
4.with a ruler join the 2 intersection of the arc