Thursday, February 9, 2012


Describe the pattern in your own words.
Use the last term of each question to help you with the next one. example.
for term 2. use term 1 then add 2! for term 3, use term 2 then add 2. Keep repeating the "pattern".


I predict the 29th term would have 57 sticks


Algebraic Equation = Tx2-1
"nth" value.
47th value will have 93 sticks.


  1. Very good way to show how to do the second pattern. Now I know if my answers were right or wrong. I also like how you made the pictures to show a visual of how it looks.

  2. Good job Jessica. Now I know how to do "Patterns". The graph and chart was a example.

  3. Good job Jess! I like how you explained how to do each step. Keep it up.

  4. Good job. I like the pictures. Really good post.

  5. Good job Jessica! Very good way to show how to do the second pattern! I also like how you included pictures! Now I can go back to my answers and check if they were right or wrong! I can also understand what I did wrong, on my answers! Keep up the good work!

  6. Good job! Very well done and I like your pictures! I can understand everything really well and as I can see by the other comments other people think you did a great job too. Keep up the great work Jessica!