Sunday, February 12, 2012

Math Definitions Again

Variable: A letter that represents an unknown matter.
eg. x,a,n or f
Expression: Any single number or variable or combination of operation (-,+,x,÷) involving numbers and variables.
eg. 5,n,8t,x+1,2y-7
Value: A known or calculated amount.
Constant: A number that does not change and it increases or decreases the value of an expression.
Numerical coefficient: A number that multiplies the variable.
eg. 2t

Go to this website for variable help and games. Or click here for numerical coefficient help.


  1. I find it great how you put all the defintions from the day we learned them. I also noticed you had a divide sign which was a little surprising because I couldn't find one. There is nothing wrong with this post at all. Good job.

    1. Thank you. Make sure you check out the websites. I got the divided sign from Wikipedia.