Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Key Terms Review

Do you still remember what a variable is? What about an expression? Well, here's your chance to review.

A VARIABLE is a letter that represents an unknown number.
For example, x, y, n are usually represented for an unknown number.

An EXPRESSION is any single number(3) or variable(x) or combination of operation(+) involving numbers and a variable.
For example, 2y-7.

The VALUE is a known or calculated amount.
For example, 3 is a known or calculated amount.

A CONSTANT is a number that does not change, but it increases or decreases the value of an expression.
For example, 3x+5. 5 is the constant.

A NUMERICAL COEFFICIENT is a number that multiplies the variable.
For example, 10x4 . The numerical coefficient is 10.

Do you understand now? I sure hope you do.

If you still don't, try this link:

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