Sunday, February 5, 2012

My answer to the quiz question

If the quiz was out of 14 and I only got 3 questions wrong then why did I get a c?

Well my answer is:
You don't know if every question was worth 1 mark.
So if he missed 3 questions then that would be 11 out of 14 which is 78%.
Then if the 3 questions that he missed were worth 5 marks all together for example 2 questions were each worth 2 marks and then the other one is just worth 1 mark then that is already 5 marks taken off. So 9 out of 14 is 64%. This is why I think he got a c on his quiz.


  1. Good Job Jess! You explained it very well! but next time, maybe you should add a picture.

  2. Great Job Jess! You explained your explanation very well! you made it easier to understand! But I also agree with Jessica Tran. Next time just add a picture and its basically perfect!

  3. good job it get how you made it into a percent