Thursday, February 9, 2012

Expression Word Problem:

A group of students are talking, 2 friends leave the group. Write an expression for the number of students in the group after the 2 friends leave!
My answer to this word problem is: S-2 or it can also be G-2. Do you want to know why?

Explanation: It says on the question that there are a group of students so we don't know how many there are. Therefore we use a Variable to represent an unknown number.
We can use S - Students or G - Group as the variable.

The next thing it says on the word problem is that are 2 friends that left the group! That's why my answer is S-2 or G-2.


  1. Great job Gem! I like how you explained how you got your answer. But maybe next time you should add some colour to the words so they can stand out even more. But overall great job!

  2. Good job Gem! very well explanation. Keep it up. But i agree with Jessica, adding colour would be nice to add to your post. But otherwise good job.

  3. I like how you explain why you put 'S' or 'G'. I also like how you bold the important words i your post. Good job Gem!