Thursday, February 9, 2012

Expression Word Problem:

A group of students are talking. 2 friends leave. Write an expression for the number of students in the group after the 2 leave...

The answer? S-2 or G-2


well the question says "a group of students" it doesn't tell us how many students are in the group. Therefore we use a Variable since the number is unknown.
Also it is -2 because the question states that 2 students Leave the group.

S stands for Students &
G stands for Group.
You could use either one in this question.

To know what a Variable is Click here to View my blog post on what a Variable is.


  1. Good Job Selena! I liked how you explained it! but next time you should add a picture or a link.

  2. Great job Selena! You explained it very well. I really liked how you told us at the bottom of your post if we didnt know what was a variable you showed us where to go. Good job keep it up

  3. Good job(: I like how you explained it. It's very clear and I understand it well. But, I agree with what Jessica said. Next time, add a picture/link.

  4. Great job. Its very clear and understandable. Add a picture next time.

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  6. Great job Selena! You explained it very well. I like how you made the important words bold, but maybe next time you should add color to your post! You should also add a picture or a link to help us understand more! Other than that, you did a good job! Keep it up!